ITG Invest is an investment Company managed by General Director Khachatryan Aram Aykaramovich

Is ITG Invest a trust money management or a robbery in broad daylight?

Is Khachatryan Aram a swindler or a failed businessman?

Oleg Ivanovich K., hereinafter referred to as the Investor, met the owner of ITG Invest  (IntegrityTrading Group) Khachatryan Aram Aykaramovich in May 2018 in order to profitably invest funds. Aram Khachatryan introduced himself as a stockbroker with more than 15 years of experience, on the basis of which he allegedly developed an algorithm for risk-free stock trading with high profitability. ITG Invest positions itself as the creator of a unique technology for online stock trading (the Colibri Exchange Robot is a system with direct access to world’s stock markets and automatic trading). You can also find a video presentation of Colibri from Aram Khachatryan on the Internet.

During the negotiations on concluding a Trust Agreement of the Investor’s trading account, Aram Khachatryan has repeatedly stated that any risks are excluded. The parties fixed in the Agreement a Clause according to which the owner of ITG Invest Aram Khachatryan undertook to reimburse the Investor for possible losses from the trust management within 80% of the amount of the money originally deposited.

Colibri Exchange Robot - Work Realities

After the investor made a deposit on the trading account and passed access to the personal account to Aram under a Trust Management Agreement, the account balance began to decrease — from $ 100,000. up to $19,000. One wonders — what is the promised uniqueness of this Exchange Robot?

To ascertain the fact — the advertised Exchange Robot Colibri did not cope with the task. Despite the terms of the Agreement, Aram Khachatryan never reimbursed the Investor’s losses. Moreover, the facts of Aram’s receipt of funds from the broker in the form of commissions from operations carried out by him from the Investor’s trading account were revealed.


Conversation recording No. 1

The recording was made in August 2018, a couple of days after Aram lost the Investor’s money.

Conversation recording No. 2

The recording was made in November 2018, where Mr. Khachatryan urges to find more money and deposit into the same account.

What is now with Aram, where is he and what to expect next?

aram hachatryan

Currently, Aram Khachatryan lives in Perugia (Italy). Does this mean that he is hiding from prosecution to make debt collection difficult? Anyway, the failure to comply with the terms of the Agreement for damages became the reason for the Investor’s appeal to professional recoverers.
If you carefully study the history of judicial examinations, you can find several interesting cases, as a result of which a person with exactly the same name was faced judicial and criminal prosecution and was convicted of several crimes, including under Article 159 of the Criminal Code (Fraud). Was it the owner of ITG Invest Aram Khachatryan or is it his complete namesake?

Judging by the Company’s Website, it can be assumed that the owner of ITG Invest continues the usual activity of attracting Investors funds and actively advertises the Colibri Exchange Robot. Preventing all potential ITG Invest customers is of great importance in preventing similar situations in the future. To solve this debt problem other activities are also provided. In particular, through the social media and contextual advertising there is a searching for other Investors who have faced non-performance on the part of ITG Invest and Aram Khachatryan. It is also planned to hold a charity event “Help the owner of ITG Invest Aram Khachatryan pay off his debts”, advertising about the sale of debt, appeal to the Armenian Community and other measures.

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